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Shelle Renae

Shelle Renae is a lover of books, family, photography, rollerblading, traveling, and teaching. She has taught school for over 35 years. 

Currently, she works as an elementary teacher but worked for the past four years as a literacy coach. Her first published series is Marshmallow Superhero (ages 5-8) and her second series is Iggy and Izzy (ages 3-6). 


 Her days are filled with working with students and creating stories and materials to make their learning more personal.  She enjoys mentoring and working as a consultant for teachers.


Shelle wants to make a difference in the world and gives her heart and soul to her students and fellow teachers.

She is married and has four daughters. Any free moments are spent hanging with her daughters, and husband, writing silly stories, or learning new things.

 Currently, she resides in California.

Shelle Renae

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